Saturday, June 22, 2013

Travel and Ferry Schedules

Sigh! we just missed the ferry home, arriving mere minutes too late to board for the 5:30 crossing, even though the boat was still idling at the Bainbridge Island dock. Did we dawdle too long departing the shipyard? Was it that brief, unplanned detour to purchase a Dairy Queen treat? Should we blame it on the heavy Friday evening traffic? No big deal, the next scheduled run would depart in an hour and we were plenty early to catch that one! There was an upside to just missing the boat... we were at the head of the line for the next crossing and had a superb view of the Seattle skyline during the 8.6 mile crossing from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle.

I can't imagine living far away from big expanses of water for any length of time... not cheerfully anyway.

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