Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hwy 101 - the Oregon Coast

Sunshine along the Oregon coast that makes my heart sing, brings a smile, lifts my spirit... I can't explain the response, but it happens every time. Any day at the coast is a welcome treat, but a sunny day is worth celebrating. On this trip we drove slowly, made frequent stops and savored the two days it took to travel the miles.

Haystack Rock, a well-known Cannon Beach landmark, appears through the afternoon haze. 

Sunset as seen from our hotel balcony in Pacific Beach.

Low tide at the narrow harbor entrance to Depoe Bay. 

Two of the 47-foot Coast Guard rescue boats from Depoe Bay practiced surf maneuvers along the coast south of the harbor. We shot still photos and videos, 
marveling at their maneuvers. It was exciting to watch the boats charge up the face of the incoming waves, surf in toward shore, and then pitch and roll as they turned to run the troughs parallel to shore in between wave sets. Whew! fun to watch but I woudn't want to try it.

We hiked up the dunes trail at Florence...

... to reach the beach.

There are shorter and faster ways to get to the top.

Hmmmmmmm, maybe next time.