Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom's Birthday

Birthdays. Love them, hate them, dread them, welcome them - it doesn't matter, they just keep coming... and coming. Every so often another decade rolls on by, but what are numbers but a terrific reason to celebrate? 

We flew south last week for Mom's birthday celebrations, gatherings of our immediate family and her close neighborhood "family of friends". 

Hilary to the rescue, pinning an orchid to Mom's jacket without pinning Mom.
(Ron, Mom, Mike, Hilary, Meg)
Champagne, mimosas, fresh sushi, a table of cold seafood choices, another table of fresh fruits and salads (salads?!), an entire room of Mexican entrees, a room of pastries and desserts, an omelet station, roast beef... and even more offerings I can't remember were there to tempt us. We ate heartily and enjoyed the brunch buffet, but the real treat was the conversation and laughter that accompanied the gathering. 

Mom's favorite waiter delivered an awesome chocolate cake, a surprise treat from the Almansor Court staff. After our delicious, multi-course brunch, we were too appetite challenged to eat it then, but it will be a welcome treat later... much later. Guess who found room for an ice cream cone on the way out to the car?

The neighborhood party, hosted by Sue and Dave, followed later that afternoon. We enjoyed more good food and the lively conversation and laughter continued. 

love the cakes from a local specialty bakery, Pastries by Nancy. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberry filling, frosted in chocolate ganache... lemon cake with lemon cream filling, frosted in vanilla... what's not to love? Sue's selection of ice creams provided just the right cool balance to the decadent richness of the cakes. Choose one? no way, how about a slice of each?

See what I mean? there was a whole lot of chatting, laughing and noshing going on in the California sunshine.

This was a day of love and friendship, honoring Mom, a very special lady who continues to live considerably younger than her years. 

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